What are clarity enhanced diamonds?

A clarity enhanced diamond is an authentic, natural diamond, that has undergone a unique treatment process to reduce and/or eliminate the appearance of the diamond’s imperfections and inclusions to the naked eye. It is important to note, the treatment process does not affect the color of the diamond, only its clarity. Clarity enhanced diamonds contain minute internal feathers, similar to the appearance of a fracture or crack. When light is travelling through the diamond, these feathers reflect the light, which in turn, makes them detectable to the eye. However, upon completion of the treatment process, light rays will simply pass through these feathers rather than reflecting out of them, leading to an overall improved appearance and brilliance of the diamond.

What is the working principle of the enhancement process?

When a diamond is created within the crust of the earth, or while the diamond is being cut, minute feathers are likely to be formed within the diamond or near the diamond’s surface. If this feather is visible to the eye, the diamond is likely to be suitable for the treatment process. In the process of enhancement, the diamond is heated at a temperature of approximately 600 degrees, after which a resin resembling silica is filled inside the previously mentioned feathers of the diamond. The refractive index of the resin should be approximately same as that of the diamond. This resin immediately connects to the internal face of the minute fissure. As a result, the diamond will start allowing the rays of light to pass straight through the feather(s) rather than reflecting off the surface. This multiplies the beauty of the diamond and makes it much more visually appealing.

Why should you purchase a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

From a monetary standpoint, clarity enhanced diamonds are an excellent, not to mention more affordable, option for consumers. Prior to treatment, a clarity enhanced diamond is of a lower quality. That being said, it is price consequently. However, upon completion of the enhancement, the diamond visually appears just as good as its non-enhanced counterpart. In fact, the treatment is virtually invisible to the naked eye. In most cases, the treatment can only be detected by a professional, in which they use a tool similar to that of a magnifying glass. The enhancement process enables the consumer to get a more brilliant diamond at a reduced price, with an average savings of approximately 30%.

Are clarity enhanced diamonds at TTC USA Diamonds certified?

All of the diamonds within TTC USA’s clarity enhanced inventory come with a corresponding official “EGL Certifcard” from the EGL grading laboratory in Hong Kong. The “EGL Certicard” will clearly state all the specifications of the diamond, in addition to indicating that the stone is enhanced. The clarity grade that is listed on certificate is the grading AFTER the stone has been treated. That being said, the improved clarity grade is the grade that appears on the certificate.

What are the reasons you should opt for TTC USA Diamonds for the clarity enhanced diamond?

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